How to Become an Agen and Play Online Poker


The emergence of online poker has spurred massive growth in the online gaming market. As a result, most live gaming venues around the world have been closed for the time being. This has led to an acute shortage of live entertainment options for casual players. To fill this gap, these casual players have begun to turn to online poker. Many operators have seen their traffic double or triple.

Poker is one of the most popular games in Indonesia. However, if you have never played poker before, you can learn the basics of poker by becoming an agen. There are several responsibilities that an agen must fulfill. To become an agen, you should first register and verify your account. Once you’ve registered, you’ll have access to all the games offered by the online poker site.

Investing – The online poker sites invest the money of their players in order to make profits. The regulations limit the risks that the sites can take with the client’s money, but even with these restrictions, these investments can generate significant revenue. In addition, online poker sites don’t need to pay interest on player bankrolls.

Bankroll Splitting – If you’re playing at a low limit game, splitting your bankroll with other players can help you increase your winnings and maintain your income. By splitting your bankroll among many lower limit tables, you’ll have a greater chance of encountering opponents who have less experience than you do.