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Year 2015 closes with a rich profile enhancing its international position

HMG Properties held its second General Assembly for managers

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Wednesday., Feb. 10, 2016:

HMG Properties Group attempts to face current economic challenges through announcing more services and projects, and extending its network locally, regionally, and internationally. Company is also committed developing communities and economies in which it operates.

This was part of the press conference organized by the Group to announce the huge achievements performed and presented its rich profile. Among its achievements, enhancing customers confidence, satisfaction with profits earned, and achieving increasing growth rates, which therefore enhanced its position as an international leader player in the real estate.

The conference was presided by Mr. Mohammed Al-Aradi, Deputy Chairman and Board Member. Al-Aradi mentioned that in few years, Group has extended its presence in more than 10 countries, where it has an office in USA, UK, Spain, Kuwait, UAE, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Philippine, and Bahrain. Thiscreated a positive impact on its clients and strengthened its relationships.

Al-Aradi also referred to obligations and liabilities undertaken by the Group in delivering property deeds to its clients. The Group delivered about 1743 title deeds for its projects in USA, UK, Spain, UAE through its branches in Kuwait, Arab Gulf and other global offices. Al-Aradi confirmed that this is a vital step and a top priority for the Group success.

He added: "We will continue our growth and passion after succeeding in acquiring reputable position in all markets. Our interest in the coming months will concentrate on investing such positive characteristics to enhance the level of customer service. Within a short period, we could achieve our objectives set within the Group strategy.

He added that the year 2015 witnessed a series of achievements that "enhanced Group leadership in the field of Properties brokerage in various markets. Al-Aradi explained that the Group achieved 60% growth at local operations, while being ranked as top five firms for active operations within the Emirate of Dubai, UAE.

The Group announced launching RATA in Cairo. RATA is the first Middle East integrated center that provides Properties training and consultants at world class level."

On the other hand, Mr. Raed Bourjass, CEO for HMG Developments added:" During the last year, HMG set an ambitious strategic plan for extending its operations through launching luxurious, huge projects within UK, including Commuters House, Academic Square, and Metropolis. In the USA, Group also launched Mackinaw Bay, Imperial Oaks, SunShine Lakes, Academic Square Carolina and Las Rosas, Paradise Island in Spain, Sharm Vista in Egypt, Meshrif Villas in Lebanon, and K Tower and Stadium Tower in Dubai, UAE.

He referred that HMG Properties obtained a membership within Professional Association for Properties Experts in Spain, which therefore enhanced the group prestigious position within global sectors. At the kick-off of that year, HMG Group also obtained a membership at Syndicate for Properties Brokers and Consultants in Lebanon, in appreciation for the advanced services offered by the company.

In March, 2015 Capital Finance International nominated HMG for the "Best Properties Management Services" Award- Global 2014. Nomination is included within the world top 100 Properties companies and groups, this is nominated by a committee constituted by World Bank and IMF. Such milestone follows an integrated process for evaluation of investment operations and development strategies for the most active firms.

The last year was also a period of achievement for HMG, where it participated in various prestigious Properties exhibitions in Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Lebanon, KSA, Spain, and UK, in addition to contracting with Knowledge Talk Company to manage its media operations & events.

Bourjass referred that HMG set advanced standards for customer services, which qualified company to obtain ISO 10004: 2012 and ISO 9001: 2008.

ISO 10004: measures customer satisfaction and compliance with ISO 9001 on quality management, evaluating customer-centric policies, resource management, customer satisfaction, data analysis, and managing complaints.

He added that the Group launched a new portal showcasing all its services and products called "HMG Provice" in order to standardize the information management and provide one trusted source of information to agents and employees in a modern and advance technology