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"HMG": We face economic challenges with announcing more initiatives and projects

Leading global property group notches up impressive achievements in international realty to continue forward journey

Dubai, UAE, September 20, 2015:

It concluded 2015 with a proven record that enhanced its international status
"HMG": We face economic challenges with announcing more initiatives and projects
Leading global property group notches up impressive achievements in international realty to continue forward journey

The international real-estate group (HMG) confirmed its intention to confront and overcome the current economic challenges by announcing more initiatives and projects as well as expanding to local, regional and international markets. The group assured its commitment to community and to continue to develop economies of countries where they operate around the world.

In a statement, the group revealed its intention to build on the accumulated achievements that it has accomplished so far and to continue on that track to add more successes to its record. On top of that, the group revealed, was strengthening the group’s customers’ confidence and satisfaction with the profits they make, in addition to achieving increasing growth rates which devotes its position as one of the leading development real estate companies in the world based on the strength of its performance in the sector worldwide.

In just few years, HMG group has expanded its presence in more than 10 countries while creating wealth for its clients. The group is now present in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Kuwait, UAE, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Philippines and Bahrain.

Last year saw HMG adopting a more ambitious expansion strategy by launching a series of high-profile international luxury projects in quick succession including Commuter House, Academic Square, Metropolis (all UK), Mackinaw Bay Resort, Imperial Oaks, Sunshine Lakes Resort, Academic Square Carolina (all USA), Las Rosas, Paradise Island (Spain), and Sharm Vista Resort (Egypt).

Mohammed Al-Aradi, Deputy Chairman of HMG Group said: “In a short time, we were able to achieve the great goals we have set in the group's strategy. We are now on the threshold of a new phase of expansion in cooperation with all our partners and customers,”

Al-Aradi described the company’s success story as a victory of sorts for the international realty sector. “The year 2016 will continue our growth momentum. We have clearly established our reputation in all major markets and, in the coming months, we will be focusing on how we capitalize on that positive sentiment,” he added.

The year 2015 saw a series of the group’s achievements that strengthened its leadership in the real estate brokerage sector in many global markets.

In the beginning of the year, HMG has announced the launch of "the Arabian American Training Center for Real estate - RATA" in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, to be the first integrated center of its kind in the Middle East in the provision of training and consulting real estate sector. Also it was able during the same year of growth in its operations in the United Arab Emirates level by 60%. Moreover, HMG been ranked as one of the best five companies as per the number of transactions in Dubai.

HMG Alsowas awarded the Spanish prestigious membership of Asociación Profesional de ExpertosInmobiliarios (APEI) or the "Professional Association of Real Estate Experts", further underlining the company’s growing profile in the international real estate industry. In addition, earlier that year, the Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon also made HMG a member, in recognition of the superior property services offered by the company.

In March, Capital Finance International (CFI) shortlisted HMG for the honor of the “Best Investment Property Management Services –Global 2014” award. This nomination was among more than 100 companies and real estate groups chosen by a committee that included the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The move follows a comprehensive process that carefully evaluates the investment processes and growth strategies of some of the most dynamic companies.

The past year has also proved to be a landmark period for HMG which notched up several milestones. The Group participated in acclaimed global property exhibitions in Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Spain and United Kingdom, with singing an agreement with Knowledge Talk international company to support the operations for marketing and media.

This year, HMG also set high standards of customer services – an achievement that awarded it the ISO 10004 and ISO 9001:2001 certification. The ISO 10004 certification measures excellence in customer satisfaction and are fully compatible with ISO 9001, the Quality Management System standard supporting the elements targeting customer focus, resource management, customer satisfaction, analysis of data, complaints management and customer communication.

The company implemented new portal and web platforms, including a revamped product & services interactive portal called HMG Provice, in order to unify information management and education of its sales agents and employees.